Welcome to the World of​.​.​.

by Kaus and Inform

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released April 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Kaus and Inform San Diego, California

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Track Name: Mr. Nobody
Verse I
I’m just about done, but I’m so apathetic,
and dealing with the hardest part of an artist that really get it,
unedited non-repetitive etiquette for the mind,
and blatantly less competitive rhetoric in my rhymes,
at times I like to battle the shadow that don’t exist,
express a need for slaughtering cattle but then I miss
the point of why I do it, what would I do without?
the invisible person that I’m always talking about,
now I’m switching the style, I got emotion conveyed,
and I’m a little more in tune with what I’m trying to relay,
just a little bit more honest in the things that I say,
and the result is a temporary high that’ll never stay,
it fades, motivation proven quick to diminish
and suddenly everything that’s significant’s never finished,
now you can cover the blemish, project your positive talents,
but everybody knows a real artist will lack in balance,
that’s the challenge, self reflection,
cause if you never really move in a direction,
and you never really make a decision,
you have no identity or face they can envision,
Mr . Nobody, with 37 masks,
recognized what it was and without the looking glass,
so now we’re falling fast way beyond the rabbit hole,
with inspiration’s invitation clearly incompatible

Verse II
Remember it all,
remember the feeling you get right before you fall,
just how perfect and intricate every detail and flaw,
but when it’s gone it don’t exist except for you to recall,
but the image is poor, the memory pretty vague,
and every positive sensations that you felt had a plague,
all that’s really displayed now is your lack of desire,
the illness shatter your dreams, laughed and put out the fire,
you’re a liar in regard to every line that you’ve written,
finally concluded that you’re faking it when you’re spittin’,
your personality’s split and with passion this intermittent,
I can only hold invalid all the love that I’m gettin’,
so here’s a wall i’ve been hittin’, been staring at it for months,
all I want to do is finish a project for once,
looking for it it blunts, bottles, pretending to care,
but the bottom line is it’s something you could never repair,
but I’m there so I wait, for it to hit me again,
provoking thoughts that’ll require me to pick up a pen,
till then, I’m just a slave to the way that I feel,
going patterns in the cycle knowing nothing is real….damn
Track Name: Lucid
Verse I
Now if his life was a masterpiece the devil owned the gallery,
his salary had never been enough to burn the calvary,
so hourly he’d pay his dues in every single verse,
it’s just at first he’d seek diversity, a curse resides in thirst,
and still he’d drink it in, innovating and compensating
for every absent thing in his life, he’s mic disintegrating,
educating, illustrating, animates decapitation,
lead you through recovery, reopen up the laceration,
trigger mental masturbation, pull acidic critics down,
grimier than new york city’s finest in the underground,
time, another noun intangible and oddly shaped,
a colorful vulgarity to coincide for now escape,
so his tape represented everything he ever saw,
what he learned, how he felt, painted on a fucking wall,
for everybody to see it, for every person to listen,
cause while they all claim to have it
he understands what they’re missing

Verse II
So he spent all of his life and dedicated his time,
he’s confident with his speech but concentrated his rhyme,
he’s fascinated with time, but never let it confine
him to a lesser power short of divine,
they remind him that he’s human, but what does that mean,
he’d simply disregard the fact, proceed to walk in his dreams,
the world is not what it seems nor was it ever at all,
he only hopes his contribution helps humanity fall,
after all, that’s what it takes till people get what they’re missing,
they’ve gotta be affected so directly that they all listen,
and only then will they christen this life that’s never been used,
no longer obligated or sedated, never accused,
you’ve had you mental abused and your mentality’s tainted,
at the end of the day, you’ve had reality painted by a
single man with the stroke of a brush,
you either stare at pretty pictures or get of the bus,
I made my pick, I kind of like the art
so hypocritically I have to sacrifice my heart
and what I know, even if it don’t make sense,
the tricky part is me pretending I’m at all convinced, ain’t that a bitch…
Track Name: Certain Kind of High
Verse I
Get to the microphone and I eat it up like a savage,
deliver the package, record drop, I’m more than the average,
you couldn’t salvage your lyrics, I’m reigning from the top,
I’m talking provocative rocking till the rhythm stop,
I’ll rock a parking lot, corner store, or porch stoop,
not just a club scene but a buzz fiend of real roots,
so I said fuck loot, I’m out to get a certain high,
I’m touching sound that will keep a writer getting by,
one pound of flesh for the value whether thought or written,
intermittent flow with a glow, in fact I’m never missin’,
I’m merely itching and wishing to get a crowd to listen,
I’m on a mission to color the often composition,
so while you glisten, I’m rippin’ a dark to sketch a verse,
I self medicate a sickness only getting worse,
an auditory thirst, serpent with a jaded tongue,
traded one bar and chamber split a nickel plated gun

Verse II
Yeah, yeah, yeah, rhythm complimenting my tracheal deviation,
correlation to the imagery built in a conversation,
elevation, never back track, second to none,
and I intoxicate the beat just like the tar up in your lung,
and I don’t know who did it, but they said it was Kaus,
and yo I’m shaking the grounds, forget a subtle applause,
I’m here to touch the globe, and yo I’m feeling rambunctious,
tongue twist flows for the track when I bump this,
jump this rhyme up and out to the next
with a substance-rhyme coincide for the mesh,
spill the truth, leave a mess, and I’m banging on a war drum,
I got an anagram flippin’ off a metaphor’s tongue,
chasing your dream huh? Kid, you ought to run more,
done more writing, spit a verse till your lungs sore,
I bring it back, attack a track, intact in every way,
corrupt the people with a sequel, let the record play...
Track Name: Party Still Jumpin' ft. Craze
Verse I - Craze
Lids low, move slow,
midnight was 3 years ago,
and when it’s gone it’s gone,
bottles, cans, and broken bongs,
shit…I forgot how it started,
fuck the relativity, Einstein-retarded,
it’s not a curse, it’s not a blessing,
couldn’t be worse if you never learned the lesson,
I’m decompressing, becoming someone else,
dropped off my soul and exchanged all my brain cells,
the same world, seen through different eyes,
unlocked deceptions identified by different lies,
and now I’m coming down, the sun is coming up,
I’m still drunk, I’m still high, I’m still broke as fuck,
but I still show up, gotta count for something,
when the show don’t go on, the party’s still jumpin’

Verse II
The night'll fade away, I almost see the sun,
I'm barely getting started, most of these cats are done,
I've only just begun, to do what I intend,
I put my soul on display, and listen to how it blends,
you couldn't comprehend, the things that I achieve,
you're surface driven, you gotta see it just to believe,
and it's ironic cause everyone's eyes are really shut,
and they’re ignoring the feeling that's really in their gut,
and I can't answer what, nor can I why or how,
I know the when and the who and that's all I've figured out,
it's universal law, whether you know or not,
no pulling out of this game and the show will never stop
so I don't have a choice, I take another step,
move forward in my brain, and let my thoughts connect,
upon a plane, where the sane ain't reality,
the sound waves ever bumping' and the party still jumping

Verse III - Craze
You know, if I'd ever find my people,
I would leave em', not that I'm completely evil,
but I've seen enough, and I know too much,
if I let go my vices, I would lose my clutch
of the few strands of reality I still have left,
infallibility always fails the test,
nonetheless, too alive to be tired,
half dead wretch with a catch so inspired

Verse IV
But it ain't even required when we do it by default,
or in our sleep, or comatose -just to add to the insult,
it's second nature, curiosity will send a jolt
and you'll experiment with psychedelics just to find results,
so now I'm writing rhymes all about what I interpret,
suddenly the universe and world around me ain't so perfect,
my head is aching, my hands bloody and shaken,
metaphorically speaking, the life of ignorance taken,
and so we do what we can if only simply for us,
and even do it when it's over and the microphone's rust,
we bust, appreciating every angle of absurdity,
and guarantee definitively an echo for eternity.
Track Name: It's a Jungle ft. Parker & The Numberman, Ms. Sara D.
Verse I
K.A.U.S. stands for Kill A Universal Sound,
hear the music indiscriminately, listen and you're bound,
to drown up in the energy, an image only found,
when you’re battling the symmetry or stuck up underground,
and your passion is real, your mindset untouched,
your words are on point, the microphone clutched,
you like it so much, getting higher among,
the greater speakers of all, including everyone,
yo, body percussion, I move with my tongue,
I disregard the discussion and find the groove of my lungs,
some end up moving but some people will stop and they’ll freeze,
focus on how I deliver, listen while I breathe,
life on track like I know you’ve never heard,
pay attention to the rhythm and the color in the words,
call this shit absurd, i don’t care who else agrees,
speaking for myself like the truest of emcees,
fuck a currency,
fuck anything preventing me from being me,
death to all you critics with your technicality,
I refuse to put a filter on my personality,
and this is hospitality considering normal methods,
violent weapons, common courtesies, I try to keep them separate,
‘cause intertwining the two is not an option,
so keep your props man, ‘cause I don’t want them,
and I don’t think that I’m better than you,
I’m just a veteran better in everything that I do,
I’ll demonstrate it in two letters but can’t seem to quit,
addiction understated cause I more than fiend for this shit,
I hit a blank page when I’m spilling the ink,
in a sorry attempt to organize the shit that I think,
and now I’m hitting the brink and losing out on my mind,
I’m over it yo P&T, elaborate on the rhyme

Verse II - Parker
a booth from a peach can shot full holes.
Ready? cause itsa…
Kaus itsa jungle out there
if you win, don’t win by miles.
*slow down.
give your opponents hope. if you win relentlessly spectators will stop rooting for your continuous wins and instead wait/watch for an inevitable loss. win at a 3 to 5 ratio. this will:
*entertain your audience and *breed beatable opponents. compulsive winners inspire more determined competitors in their own fields

beeeeee careful. kaus.
it’s a jungle out there
cause, itsa jungle out there
kaus. itsa jungle

Verse III - The Numberman
I'm Lava with the novels, a bottle will get demolished
and Colla will get to cuttin’, it's something when you see it,
a vision at first light, precision in verse like
cool hand Luke, so steady and calm,
a bomb when I’m on one, atomic it's all done,
the fiercest of fire, I'm heating on up,
at peace like a Pueblo, suckas like, hell no,
relax and I let go, not giving a fuck,
a beer and a bottle, I steer and they follow,
up here I'm Apollo, a god among men,
breathe and I reach out like leaves in a tree house,
with weed in a peace pouch, I'll trade all I can,
a man on mission to stand with conviction,
I dance & I listen and let the beat play,
like a hammer we hit man, strong as a kickstand
work and I spit fam, what more can I say?
Track Name: All in the Trip ft. Craze
The destination is irrelevant, it's all in the trip,
the present moment never ceases to exist,
the future in itself's an illusion,
and the past we will never stop losing,
confusing? nah, it's really quite effortless,
the real method is, there is no method, it’s…
the way you feel, when the language connected hits,
the every note and every frequency that sound emits

Verse I
Let the horns hit, my heart beats faster,
I'm expanding, understand I mentally move passed ya,
I plaster every color, everywhere that it's needed,
I'm making up for those who've never seen it, vision depleted,
a line is never exceeded without intent to be crossed,
so even if I don't know where I am, I'll never be lost,
see I made my own decision, all I had was a choice,
I could have played the game and earned my name without making noise,
but yo I love it too much, that's why I'm constant with sound,
the only thing that ever makes me feel like coming around,
and coming out of my shell, and climbing out of my cave,
and getting out of the hell that I've created and gave,
my own mind to, I need a beat that I can rhyme to,
to paint a picture, tell a story that defines you,
must I remind you? I'm rocking with Craze,
The illest mother fucker on the song when it plays…

Verse II
To emanate one's mind state efficiently is troublesome,
I hate language, but words I'm in love with them,
plus inflections, flip ‘em in directions,
utilize the tools and hope to alter your perception,
you gotta question? well here, I got an answer,
God's an emcee and the Devil is a dancer,
a glance in the general vicinity of meaning,
I wake up everyday but I prefer to stick to dreaming,
planted in a state of mind that only I invent,
never concerned with my accomplishments, or time that I had spent,
circumvent negativity in various forms,
navigating synapses fire in brainstorms
I'm tired and pain forms, when I'm neglecting the pen,
I'm suffering from withdrawals, itching to feel it again,
and we ain't here to pretend, so what you're hearing is proof,
manipulating brain chemistry inside of the booth
Track Name: Thought I Saw Fire ft. Sojourn, Jimmy Powers
Verse I
Yo I think back and I try to recline,
but then I just can't when a beautiful mind,
is one that will allow for the negative shit,
but will ensure even more that you never forget,
all the people you've affected, the lives you've touched,
every drug you've ingested to build a crutch,
though it may not be a lot, yo it's still too much,
or your logic and morals, they wouldn't stand as such,
you wouldn't hand these cuts over to someone less deserving,
pawning off the knowledge and the lessons you keep learning,
turning into what it is you hate beneath the surface,
with a purpose of malevolence so death will make you nervous,
I bet it will concern us at the point of no return,
The frequency at which we lose our colors and we burn,
Life must be earned, and I've barely any left,
so I take hold of it until my very last breath

Verse II - Sojourn
Motivational factor, fraction of a moment in time,
captured by the mind transmitted in rhyme.
Trying to make it understood, underwent the wonderment
of discovery and uncovering of the multifaceted masked me!
No villainy, just really me underneath it all,
No show off heroics in fact, far below it.
At the core bottom floor of the building,
the rooms are taped off but have closeted skeletons filled inside.
Remove the barrier sometimes to clear the dome,
feel like a vagabond trying to get near to home.
I’m almost there…closer than I thought I was,
remove each layer, it’s tougher when you fought for love.
Every inch of the ground gained remains scorched by the flames,
as a reminder of my infirmity through the eyes of eternity,
I thought I saw fire, now I’ll never be the same…
Altered permanently.

Verse III - Jimmy Powers
They needed you more than they needed me,
but I guess you need them more than their families,
Mr. Overdose you trying to see how a man will be,
with his folks comatose on channel 3,
Nah, never that, you took Chad from us, remember that?
back when we lived in NAC did you look at Dad.
North Abington Center when I was still in Mass
you got me really gassed,
I can’t wait for the day the threat of you has passed,
hanging from a thread of regret while reaching in my stash,
Im assed out with a hollow heart,
solid as a hard headed veteran, never fall apart,
I’ll play the part when you vacate yours homie,
I’ll quit barking when you take no more from me,
I see the fire when I think of you,
coming for mine you should think it through
Track Name: All For Show ft. Mr. Ridley, Evan Oberla on Trombone
And you could hear it in her voice, see the sorrow in his eyes,
she appears to be so perfect, he's so honest when he lies,
it's the only kind of fantasy that pride will contrive,
at the cost of everything and just to try to feel alive

So she would chase the feeling any way she could,
she spoke a broken language that an angel never should,
she hoped one day to be the person that she'd always dreamed,
and conveyed herself as such by keeping balance on the beam,
and it's true desire lying just beneath,
a deceitful tongue that only moves when lying through her teeth,
a brain so polished, a mouth made of glass,
an overdose of recognition in her theatre class
put it all together, result is a predator,
a liar and an editor of truth, a competitor
of fact, a real solid act,
and she behaves with no intention of having to take it back,
until the day I bet that she will finally learn,
what it is to be alone, not have a home, and have to earn,
a little food for thought, respect based on word,
cause an untrusted throat is better off just not heard

Verse II - Ridley
Little magical man, got a magical plan,
to keep the entire world inside the palm of his hand,
but he did not understand that the world he set his sights on,
was not black and white, but technicolor Krylon,
and he never held a brush but demanded them to paint,
a portrait of himself as an artist on the brink,
he poured himself a drink, nothing less than top shelf,
his wallet stayed flushed, no doubt to treat himself,
he kept his chin above his shoulders just to demonstrate his wealth,
a sense of accomplishment with no accomplishments to tell,
but you could swear he ran the world, by the way he would try to sell you
on how the things you worked so hard for, were sold, bought and payed for,
but the thing he did not know was the second he left the room,
his arrogance became our laughter, negativity exhumed,
so the true artist, pure of heart could continue,
to struggle down this long hard road and finally give you…
Track Name: Sweetness ft. Ms. Sara D.
Verse I
Inconclusive conclusions of undefined definitions,
have got me noticing patterns that go beyond repetition,
I mean something in addition to the ultimate paradox,
the kind of - time present everywhere except for your clocks,
you couldn't put in a box, the everything that I see,
the everyone that I am, while simultaneously,
never being at all what you would say could exist,
the one equation unresolved my math or scientists,
my damn psychiatrist looking at me all strangely,
pumping me full of drugs, and getting' paid just to change me,
cause they think that I'm crazy and don't want me to flip,
while I'm permanently stuck inside the ultimate trip,
I don't know how to quit, ripples in life are immense,
when everything is connected, and you're trying to make sense,
of any and all the madness but the truth is intense,
you're comfortable in your prison, I'm out here hopping' the fence,
I am over the logic and what this world has to offer,
I'm sick of sticking to scripts, I'm finally being the author,
so I be making up rules and the tools are my linguistics,
I live my life like I'm a little masochistic,
the concept's simplistic, thoughts are sadistic,
and finding peace of mind in misery is realistic,
I say it's odd, I illustrate characteristics,
a bi-polar schizophrenic kid who is autistic,
I've risked it, and lost it, the process consisted,
of unexplainable shit due to limited vocabulary,
so exhausted, with this I'm consistent,
so go ahead and play your game, I'd rather be imaginary,
I sit and smile cause this state is only temporary,
after a while you think it's cozy in the cemetery,
and I don't mean I'm in a rush to go,
but at the end of it all it might be nice to know,
and as a matter of fact I got a space on my wall,
the perfect place for a trophy if I had one at all,
you can stick to the chase and act like you are the wiseman,
in a world of irrelevance while I'm earning the Heisman,
and I'm - like god damn, that's the closest to freedom,
of anybody that's battling they're emotions to beat em',
and disregard em' and treat em' as if validity's based,
on something broken thus projecting what we are as a race,
I had a bit of a taste and saw as bad as it gets,
but I acknowledge everything in this place has opposites,
I can't just stop at this, when thinking about forever,
so I consider the pieces and try to put em' together,
so intricate and so clever, you couldn't measure the concepts,
embark on endeavors out of a Rubiks cube complex,
and all of it's nonsense, but sometimes it's beautiful,
and you want to take part, and participate when it's suitable,
oh, wait a minute, contradicting myself,
a clear sign of insanity and lacking in mental health,
I only do what I'm able and pay attention to sound,
so let them throw out their labels, my mind is my playground,
I do away with the structure, disobey a command,
when my lungs end up ruptured, still I try to expand,
I embrace negativity while on the other hand,
I experience a love that you could never understand
to put it mildly it's complicated,
so I've decided to leave it, try to appreciate it,
even if words I've stated will prove a mindset torn,
I keep invested, make the best of it and shatter the norm...
Track Name: One Morning ft. Emphasize
Verse I
Peace brother, what's good? nothin' much,
just finished getting dressed, now I'm bout to pack a lunch,
word, you got work today? yeah at 9, damn,
I know dude, why what's up, what's on your mind,

Well, I went to Bernie's last night and heard a couple of beats,
they had me nodding my head and even tapping my feet,
was so excited yo that now I even rap when I speak,
I gotta use this energy in me before it depletes,

Whoa, well that sounds like a good start,
I'd participate today but I'm not clocking off till after dark,
so spark the session with some freestylin',
to keep the beat heavily in stream until we start writing,

Alright word up, it sounds like a plan,
I'ma travel through my head with just a map of wonderland,
I might stumble over words, I might not make sense,
but it's the grain that I'm moving with and never against.

Verse II
I’m kinda hungry, grab my skateboard and dip,
hopefully today’s the day I land a kick flip,
I’m on my over to the jack in the box, so I can
try to pull out some change in my socks,
and I can try to pay for a little bit of food,
and I’m feeling real nice like I’m in a good mood,
I even tipped the dude, the cashier who helped me,
and yo I, I even let him take a selfie,
with me in it, but shit oh wait here goes a call,
I’m reading the name upon the screen as “Emphasize the All”
yo, what up fam, check it out I got some news,
it’s an early day for me, I gotta run and change my shoes
cool, go ahead cruise, I’m waiting to hold a pen,
I’m waiting to go somewhere that my freestyle has never been,
alright, sounds good, am I meeting you at your pad?
yeah, I’ll be there in a minute, I mean it, try not to lag

Verse III
Alright, don’t lag is the mission at hand
I try to keep my focus but my eyes are wanting to scan
everything in sight, a part of me wants to put up a fight,
but I figure, use this experience as inspiration to write,
so I grab my four wheels and proceeded to skate,
taking notice of the beautiful and not so great,
from everyday joe and janes to walls with fresh paint,
I gaze up at the sun and embrace the wind in my face,
Oh shit! I almost missed Kaus’ pad, glad I didn’t,
time to hit him up so that we can start spittin’,
DJ Inform on the beat and we kick the non-written,
a sacred session to exercise lyrical vision,
I can’t hold this excitement in,
Yo Kaus what up?
Where you at brotha-man?
Well I’m chillin out in front.
Alright, be there in sec.
Thanks brotha
No doubt, hope you brought your flow game ‘cause we about to bang this out

Verse IV
And it’s just like that, see we don’t try to be professional,
we put it all on wax and spill it out like at confessional,
intentional demeanor and authentic in the mind,
we’re indulging in our thoughts, remain perceptive of the rhyme,
So the concept is natural and really not too difficult
but also not too simple, it don’t to be have so lyrical,
how about space and it’s infinite dimensions,
or we could just flow it with no ties to a direction,
yo that’s the best way, and that’s my favorite,
we take the rhythm, science, math and we play with it,
improvising the dialogue and the topic,
while incorporating earlier conversations, we’ll rock it
like we’re walking down the street yo on some nonchalant shit,
and while you’re walking I could hit you up with a call quick,
Like “I’m out of work, so and so, maybe we can write”
and you’d be like “Dope” while you’re out tryna’ grab a bite,
and while you’re skating describing what’s on your way,
in a casual conversation or vibing about your day,
you say you got a dope idea yo for a song,
here it is, oh shit, we’ve been making it all along!
yo this is how most of the best ideas are created,
my only question is how do we start to demonstrate it?
well this is just a thought so it might be kinda rough,
how about a “Peace brother.” “What’s good?” “Nothing much.”
Track Name: How I'm Livin' ft. Mr. Ridley
Thinking back to high school when they called me a loser,
music in my eardrums, mind on the future,
envisioned how I'm livin' today -
manifested my reality and got it no delay,
they all used to say I, would never see the day, I
would sit up in my room while all the other kids would play, I -
would study sound, hear a beat, write a poem,
fantasize about the day that I would meet a microphone

Verse I
And about, fifth or sixth grade is when it happened,
noticed that my sneakers were a second hand contraption,
all the cool kids were dressed up in the latest fashion,
then I glanced into a mirror, and what I saw was unattractive,
and of course that’s the time I had my very first crush,
C.H., her initials next to mine, in a tree I would cut,
but I guess that’s just part of growing up,
stop playing on the ground and start playing for a -

And I remember everyone in my class,
who said I wasn't committed or that it wasn't a craft,
or that the people wouldn't get it, they'd reply with a laugh,
cause I was inarticulate and unfamiliar with math,
but the path that I pave is now impressing the cats,
who wouldn't listen to a youngin' who was kicking' his raps,
they wouldn't give him no daps, and now they're fascinated look,
this my favorite kind of story, after all I wrote the book

Chorus x1

Verse II
Now that I’m a little older, all that bullshit behind me,
got a whole new pile of feces but it never gets beside me,
‘cause a life led stressing is a life that is wasted,
all the beauty that you could have smelled, love you could have tasted,
but far be it from me, to judge you to your face kid,
sometimes it takes a minute to see the damage that the race hid,
‘cause all that runnin’ leave you with a broken heart and bruised ribs,
the way to heal is slowing down, find satisfaction from within

See I went left and had to climb a different obstacle,
focused on my breath, knew I could rhyme and it was possible,
threw critics in my pocket and I tightened up my belt,
and in spite of every block I played the hand that I was dealt,
it ain't random that I felt the kind of passion from within,
that only comes from blank pages when they clashing with a pen,
how fast I could have been your everyday and average person,
but I would rather change the world with every word that I'm rehearsing

Track Name: This Feeling ft. Generik
Verse I
There's something happening, I feel it in my chest,
the description is elusive but my body can attest,
to the ultimate distraction and the meaning it suggests,
that's embedded in the fibers of the thoughts I manifest,
decompress every syllable, let it be known,
some require the compass, but I close my eyes when I roam,
it's no surprise I'm alone, cause I don't really like the company,
I disregard these creatures, and eliminate them comfortably,
and it ain't tough to be as introverted as I am,
ditch the purpose, skip the plan, an hour glass without the sand,
I write without the hand having to hold a pen or pencil,
compose a piece of art without ever touching a utensil,
I let the instrumental do all the speaking for me,
only include my voice to help the music tell a story,
as I partake in the greatest gift I was ever given,
and start to recognize the beauty in this life I'm livin'

Verse II - Generik
Shut your mind off for a moment and appreciate the silence,
get lost within the labyrinth of your soul,
reach deep within and rediscover what you’ve always known,
one isn’t the loneliest number, it’s the holiest number,
connecting us all to the source,
plant the seed of your pain and watch it grow into a rose,
discover beauty in the unexpected, respect it,
but then again it’s all perspective

Verse III
It's so easy to engage when nobody else is present,
experience love and pain, my thoughts are collecting resin,
if heaven is truly here, in front of you on this earth,
I carry it in my palm and hold it for what it's worth,
adverse opinions won't see the barriers break,
or the lucid and vibrant colors finally taking shape,
endorphins flooding the gates to see your body react
to the release of dopamine that you don't want to retract,
intangible and abstract, so sacred is imagination,
I'm releasing chemicals that move beyond infatuation,
interpret communication, the sequence is calculated,
the product is audible and your senses are stimulated
you take it, you relate it to the beings on this planet,
though granted, you must admit it, we don't really understand it,
but handed to us it was, use it till there is no air in me,
and simply because this here is universal therapy